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Tips and Tricks for Using the Telephone
Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Dialing FROM Mexico  
Dialing TO Mexico  
Dialing WITHIN Mexico  
Cutting Communication Costs  
Important Phone Numbers for La Ventana and El Sargento (Near La Paz)  
  • EMERGENCY in Baja California Sur, Mexico
  • Police & Ambulance - El Sargento, La Ventana, Los Planes
  • Medical Clnic – El Sargento (9am to 2pm Mon-Sat)

Customer Service and Other Communication Numbers  
  • Telmex Repair
  • Telmex International Long Distance Customer Service
  • Telmex Infinitum - Internet Support
  • AT&T Wireless International Support
01-800-123-2222 (ask for English)
Dialing U.S. 800 Numbers from Mexico (800, 888, 877, 866)


Mexico has its own series of 800 numbers, so in order to make dialing U.S. numbers possible, they came up with a simple system.  Simple - once you know the secret...

To dial a United States 800 number FROM Mexico, replace the 800 prefix with the prefix shown below:
  800 numbers Dial 001-880-then the number
  866 numbers Dial 001-883-then the number
  877 numbers Dial 001-882-then the number
  888 numbers Dial 001-881-then the number

For example, to call Wells Fargo's customer service FROM Mexico we change the number
from 1-800-869-3557 to 001-880-869-3557  and to dial Blue Shield FROM Mexico we change the number
from 1-888-568-3560 to 001-881-568-3560.

Dialing from Mexico to the United States or Canada
  To dial International Calls from Mexico
Dial 00 & Country Code & Prefix & Phone Number. 

The Country Code for the United States and Canada is 1
For example, to dial AT&T Wireless International Support dial 00-1-916-843-4685

If you are using a cell phone, you can replace the 00 with a + sign.  So dial +1-916-843-4685.

Mexican International Operator assistance can be reached by dialing 090

Dialing to Mexico Land Lines from the U.S. or Canada
  The Country Code for Mexico is 52.  To dial Mexico you follow the normal international dialing procedures.

International Code 011 and Country Code 52 and- Prefix and Phone Number. 
For example, to dial Baja Joes Hotel, you would dial 011-52-612-114-0001.

And if you are calling from a cell phone, you could replace the 011 with the + Sign,
so dialing Baja Joe's Hotel would be +52-612-114-0001

Dialing to Mexican Cell Phones from the U.S. or Canada
  Cell phones work a bit differently in Mexico.  The person calling the cell phone pays a surcharge, while the person receiving the call on their cell phone pays nothing for the call... no air time, no plan minutes - nothing.

In order to let you know that you are calling  a Mexican cell phone (and that you will be paying a premium), you must dial an extra digit when calling.  You dial the digit 1 after the country code, and before the prefix.

For example, to call The Paperchase's cell phone number,
you would dial 011-52-1-612-157-7285

Dialing Summary - Calling To and From Mexico
  • Dial from Mexico Landline to U.S. or Canada
  • Dial from Mexico Cellphone to U.S. or Canada
  • Dial from U.S. to Mexican Land Line
  • Dial from U.S. to Mexican Cell Phone
  • Dial from U.S. Cell Phone to Mexican Land Line
  • Dial from U.S. Cell Phone to Mexican Cell Phone
00 & 1 & Area Code & 7 Digit Phone Number
+1 & Area Code & 7 Digit Phone Number
011 & 52 & Area Code & Phone Number
011 & 52 & 1 & Area Code & Phone Number
+52 & Area Code & Phone Number
+52 & 1 & Area Code & Phone Number
Properly Programming U.S. and Mexico numbers in your Cell Phone
  If you frequently travel internationally, this little trick will save you much time and frustration.

When programming numbers into your phone for U.S. or Canadian contacts,
precede each number with +1
When programming numbers into your cell phone for Mexican contacts,
precede each number +52

The + sign replaces the international dialing codes of 011 in the U.S. and 00 in Mexico
which allows the programmed numbers to work seamlessly on both sides of the border.
The plus sign (+) is normally programmed by holding down the Zero key for a second.

So to program Sol y Mar's phone numbers you would program
+52-612-114-0303 for the Mexico office and
+1-510-816-2946 for Brian's U.S. cell phone number.
Dialing Within Mexico - Dialing Prefixes
  • Dial a Local Landline
  • Dial a Long Distance Landline Number within Mexico
  • Dial a Local Cell Phone Number
  • Dial a Long Distance Cell Phone Number
  • Dial International Long Distance
7 Digit Phone Number Only
01 & Area Code & 7 Digit Phone Number
044 & Area Code & Phone Number
045 & Area Code & Phone Number
00 & Country Code & Area Code & Phone Number
Mexican Access Numbers for U.S. and Canadian
Calling Card, Credit Card, and Collect Calls
  • AT&T World Phone
  • MCI World Access
  • Teleglobe Canada
Mexican Calling Cards and Payphones
  Telmex has a Prepaid Calling Card named Telcard that can be used from Landlines and Pay Phones.
The cards can be purchased in various denominations and the rates start at $2.0 pesos (about 20 cents) per minute for calls to the U.S. and Canada $0.5 pesos (about 5 cents) for calls within Mexico.  If you purchase larger denomination cards, you get additional free minutes, further reducing the cost.
U.S. Cell Phone Plans
  Most of the major provider phones work here in Baja.  Mexico is going to a full GSM network, and all new towers are GSM only, so Verizon's coverage has become spotty.  If you plan on using Verizon, be sure to get one of their multi band world phones.  AT&T's GSM phones work perfectly on the Mexican system.  Nextel has been deploying their system in Baja California Sur as well.  The majority of the cell towers in Mexico are owned by Telcel. Telcel's network is 1900 Mhz for GSM and 850 Mhz for 3G.

Many providers turn off International Roaming by default. Before you leave the U.S. or Canada, be sure and call your cell phone provider to let them know that you will be traveling to Baja California Sur, Mexico.  Also, be sure to ask about their international dialing plans. 

AT&T Viva Mexico Plan
If you spend any significant time in Mexico, this IS ABSOLUTELY the plan to have
Available plans include from 450 up to 6000 minutes!
No Roaming Charges, No Long Distance Charges
Free/Bonus Nights, Weekends, and Roll Over Minutes apply
See details at AT&T's website

AT&T Wireless Mexico Plan - $4.99 per month
59 per minute while roaming in Mexico
9 per minute when calling from the U.S. to a Mexican Landline
25 per minute when calling from the U.S. to a Mexican wireless device
Add the plan before you leave the U.S.  and turn it off when you return home...

Data Roaming can be very expensive.  Be sure to Turn Off your Data Roaming capabilities unless you have an International Data Plan.

Mexican Cell Phone Plans
  The major cell phone provider is Telcel.  There are also plans available from Movistar and Nextel.
Telcel's network is 1900 Mhz for GSM and 850 Mhz for 3G.

There are special low-cost plans for Mexican Residents, including foreigners that hold valid FM2 and FM3 documents.

Probably the least expensive option is Prepaid Cell service.  You can purchase a phone for around $40 or bring down your unlocked GSM phone.  Then your purchase minutes via a card and you are set to go.  Super Convenient - You can purchase additional minutes at many of the local Mini Supers.

Internet Phone (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc)
  If you have a computer and internet access you can make FREE internet calls to any friends and family that have computer.  All you need is a headset and one of the many internet telephony products. 

The most popular one is Skype - and many of us use it here in La Ventana.  You can also use Skype to call regular phones by purchasing some credit.  The cost is extremely low, and the sound quality is generally pretty good - but depends on the quality of your internet connection.  Skype is a free download and runs on most operating systems.

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