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Stand-up Paddle Board Race

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP)
in Baja California Sur

The people that live and visit La Ventana are always looking for new adventures and new ways to have fun. 

The Standup Paddle Board craze has added yet another dimension to the multitude of sports available to Baja California Sur visitors.

Big Wave Day in La Ventana
A Surfer enjoys sunrise at Shroom's Break

SUP Race Finish at 2009 La Ventana Classic
Standup Paddle Board Race-La Ventana Classic

As with most water sports, with a Standup Paddle Board there are options galore.  A peaceful morning cruise on a flat day, surfing the various breaks when there is swell, or competitive course racing to get your energy and heart pumping. 
Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) is a great way to share the day with family and friends - and to make new friends...

Three on a Wave in La Ventana
Three SUP Riders sharing a morning wave

Carving at Shrooms on a Stand Up Paddleboard
A smooth carve at Shroom's in La Ventana

Getting started is easy.  Most La Ventana hotels allow free use of their Stand Up Paddleboards when you are staying there.  You can also purchase your own at some of the local shops, including The Store at Baja Joe's Beach Hotel.